A downloadable game

Ruined City (temporary name)

Keyconfig : 

-Use the directional arrows to move

-Use the "A" key to switch between eras

-Either use the "E" key or the arrows to interact or with an item or the background

Plot : You play as an explorator wandering in a mysterious ruined city. The goal is to figure out what occurred here a long time ago, by your own means but you'll realize soon that an ancient artefact is going to provide some help. An ancient medal will allow you to move and see the world as it was back when the city was still populated ; it is also a way to introduce puzzle to solve using this feature.

Side note :

- Most text boxes where not included in the game so the story telling is inconstitent

we'll provide you clues regarding the progression : a key is hidden on the map ; there's also a puzzle regarding an explosive issue located in the leftside of the city

Install instructions

just unzip the folde and run the .exe


RuinedCity_EQJ2019_Atmosphere.rar 56 MB

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